We Changed Everything

Before 1986, wealthy clients in the U.S. paid for their investment advice by doing transactions or buying proprietary products from brokerage firms, banks and money managers. Founded that year with a dozen families and $60 million in client assets, Veritable offered a new model – unbiased, comprehensive investment advice focused on client advocacy, not salesmanship.

29 Years Of Experience
Since 1986

individuals and Families served

Billion in assets under management

Veritable client portfolios don’t look like everyone else’s.

Innovation is fundamental to success. Veritable has a long history of investing in ideas ahead of the crowd. We made substantial investments in international equities, hedged investments and alternative strategies, among other markets and strategies, decades ago – before many very large institutional investors.

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Veritable develops reporting system to calculate after-tax returns for clients


Veritable launches third multi-manager partnership focused on international long/short equity


Veritable launches distressed investment partnership during the corporate credit market turmoil of 2001-2003


Veritable makes a direct investment in collateralized loan obligation (CLO) fund

In our opinion, no other wealth manager approaches safety in the way we do.

We believe that Veritable clients invest more securely and on better terms than most institutional investors. Together, our clients have the resources to demand terms and safeguards that only a $10 billion or larger investor with 30 years of experience could get.

We do not look for investments that have contributed to good performance – we invest in ideas and managers that we believe will contribute to good performance.

There are no shortcuts when it comes to evaluating investments. We believe that great processes will lead to long-term success. It does not matter how well an investment or manager performed last year or who else is investing. We find that tremendous context and a deep understanding of how people make investment decisions is the keystone to successful investing. We sift through countless ideas, cross hundreds of borders, and due diligence thousands of investment professionals. Only a few dozen outside investment professionals are stewards of a portion of Veritable client capital. 

Most families do not know how their investments are truly performing. We take extra measures to be sure that ours do.

Clear reporting and communication is a hallmark of the Veritable experience. Investment performance is reported after all fees and taxes, and benchmarked against an after-tax index. Name another wealth advisor who has reported to its clients on an after-tax basis continuously for over 25 years.


We are Changing Everything

Veritable has a 29 year documented history of innovation. Five years from now, when everyone else is doing what Veritable is doing right now, we will have long moved ahead of the pack.

What will you be doing in five years?

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Veritable works with families across the United States from offices in suburban Philadelphia and San Francisco.

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